Welcome to our little Roasterie…..

We strive to ensure every cup of coffee we serve is the best it can possibly be.

In selecting our delicious green bean from El Salvador for our house roast, we have chosen a bean that can be enjoyed equally as a black coffee or within a milk based drink. We are proud to say that it has been greatly received and during our first year we won the local newspapers “Beste Koffie in Stellenbosch” competition.

We fire up our little 2kg Coffee Tech Roaster every-day in an effort to maintain the right levels of acidity and freshness throughout our beans. It is an increasingly hard working machine, but it performs, without issue, every time we ask it to. It also creates a great atmosphere within the shop and surrounding areas.

We have been very select in our Baristas and I am very proud of each of them, they have been extremely attentive to our training thus ensuring consistency in every cup, which I believe is key. The rules are simple but the execution is not, great espresso pour, smooth milk, right temperature and machine maintenance. By maintaining that I believe we offer one of the best coffees available from some of the best Baristas.

Pop in for a cup and relax or if life doesn’t even stop for a coffee, grab a take-away….