We’re Mike, Chrisna, Dylan & Emily.

Our family heritageI’m from Lenzie, a small town outside Glasgow, Scotland. Chrisna is from Koringberg, an even smaller town outside nowhere, South Africa. We met at a restaurant on the Isle of Arran where I was the manager and Chrisna worked while travelling after her studies. (I may have been her boss back then, but how things have changed!) We became friends, then more than friends, and a year later we were married in Malmesbury. Today we are happier than ever and the proud parents of Dylan, Emily and The Blue Crane & The Butterfly.

On each visit to South Africa with Chrisna, I fell in love with the country a little bit more. I had always dreamt of owning my own restaurant – a dream inspired by my foodie family and my travels across Europe – and Stellenbosch was the ideal place to open it. But I needed a little push to make me take that leap of faith. Dylan’s birth in 2011 was just that. We want to teach him to follow his dreams, and what better way to do that than by setting an example? Now with the addition of Emily I feel that responsibility even more.

Today we couldn’t be prouder of having made our dream a reality: a restaurant that is a firm part of the community, where customers can find a home away from home and become our friends. We love entertaining people and watching them enjoy their food. (Sometimes I even hide behind the coffee machine to watch someone take their first bite!) Simply put: We love food, we love coffee, and we love making your day better.

So come over and join the family. Stop by for great home-roasted coffee imported from El Salvador, honest, tasty food without the pretence, good value for money and a warm, inviting destination where you can socialise, laugh, cry, break up, make up, discuss in depth or just talk nonsense.

We can’t wait to meet you!